Family Law Attorney Phoenix AZ

The Arizona family law attorney you hire to represent you is your choice and you should feel confident about your decision. Leather Law Office strongly encourages you to consult other family law attorneys and compare our fees and hourly rates as well as the information we provide you with that of our peers.


Phoenix Family Attorney

Once you have investigated your other options in legal representation, you will find that the Leather Law Office truly stands behind its commitment to providing families with effective and practical representation, in addition to the fairness of our affordable competitive rates. Fee arrangements include reasonable retainers, and in some cases fixed or flat fees.

The family law attorney Phoenix AZ trusts focuses on dealing with family-related issues and domestic relations including:

  • Divorce, paternity, sole or joint custody (now legal decision making), visitation (now parenting time), child support, spousal maintenance (i.e. alimony), property settlement agreements, relocation, modifications, prenuptial agreements, annulment, orders of protection, grandparent rights, etc.
  • The nature of marriage, in all aspects including LBGT issues.

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